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Grant Ross

General Manager

Originally from Scotland, Grant has worked for distinguished hotels and restaurants throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. He even owned his own hotel near St. Andrews, Scotland before moving to Bucks County. As General Manager of all three restaurants, including our sister restaurants, the Black Bass and Lumberville General Store, Grant has been with us since the renovation of the Black Bass in 2007. Not only is he renowned for his ability to ensure that each guest has a memorable experience, but he is also known for his immense knowledge of local history and lore.

Phyllis Lownes


Having been raised in Bucks County herself, our Innkeeper Phyllis knew it was the perfect spot to raise her own family as well. She has worked at all of the Thompson family hospitality properties, including the Black Bass Hotel, the Lumberville General Store, and now the Golden Pheasant Inn. She enjoys greeting guests each morning and delights in learning about the stories that brought them to the Pheasant. When she is not working as our Innkeeper, she enjoys spending time with her grandkids, or you may spot her outdoors walking or biking along the canal towpath.

Kevin Teeling


Kevin helped open our sister restaurant, the Black Bass over a decade ago. Having moved to join the previous owners of the Golden Pheasant, fate couldn’t keep Kevin away for long. When the Pheasant closed down, he re-joined our team at the Bass only to reclaim his post at the Golden Pheasant when the Thompson family reopened the Inn in 2020. Needless to say, Kevin has quite a following between our two establishments. When he is not whipping up his amazing cocktails, he enjoys quiet time in LBI with his wife Karin.

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