Eat This Highlights GPI for Valentine’s Day

By CHUCK THOMAS Staff Writer

For more than 200 years, travelers have been making the Golden Pheasant Inn in Erwinna a culinary stop as they travel up and down the Delaware River — and it could be the perfect destination for your Valentine’s Day.

Originally, the inn served as a stopping-over point for weary Delaware Canal workers and their livestock. Food was served downstairs, guest rooms were upstairs and animals were welcomed into the barn which is attached to the far end of the kitchen.

The same holds true today … well, except for the animals in the barn.

The inn offers three beautifully appointed rooms and one suite upstairs and two equally beautiful dining areas downstairs — the combination of which would perfectly suit the most romantic of couples as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Executive chefs Blake Faure and her husband Jonathan Ramsay are the two people responsible for creating the inn’s innovative cuisine which they refer to as, Classical New American. The dishes represent the training both Faure and Ramsay received while at Le Cordon Bleu in Sanoma, Calif., along with a French influence from Faure’s father who was a classically trained chef.

On my visit to the kitchen, Blake and Jonathan prepared a number of dishes, including their Traditional Charcuterie Plate, Grilled Marinated Octopus, Mussels Provençal and our featured dish, Roasted Duck Breast with Stone Fruit Puff Pastry.

I found the roasted duck breast to be perfectly prepared and it retained its moistness due to the sides being seared prior to roasting. The flavor was delicate and perfectly matched by a sauce consisting of apricots and ginger, as well as the pillow of wild rice it was served with.

Blake offered to share her recipe for the roasted duck and it is posted on the Eat This! website along with the full episode from the Golden Pheasant Inn.

You can view both by visiting


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