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Crossroads Bake Shop

Artisan bread produced using unbleached, unbromated flour (and organic flour whenever possible) and no artificial colors, flavors or hydrogenated shortenings. Bakers are Marcia Durgin and Paul Rizzo since 1991.

Doylestown, PA


Chieftain Wild Rice

Rice is grown naturally and sustainably. No genetic modification. We love their Select Dry Roasted Wild Rice which has a signature nutty flavor. Grown on a small, family farm in Aitkin, Minnesota by the Richards Family.

Spooner, WI


Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse

Nina and Jonathan White produce fantastic artisan cow’s milk cheeses and wood-fired breads. Cows are grass-fed.

Milford, NJ


Bolton Turkey Farm

A true small family business run by the Bolton Family since 1933. Great turkey and chicken. All natural diet using food from local farms. No antibiotics or growth hormones.

Silverdale, PA


Blue Moon Acres

Jim and Kathy Lyons produce gorgeous, organic produce and micro-herbs.

Buckingham, PA


Anthony & Son’s Bakery

Family-owned baking company that was founded in 1984 by Anthony Dattolo and his two sons, Joseph and Baldo. Fresh bread 7 days a week. We love their brioche buns for our burgers.

Denville, NJ