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Friends of the Delaware Canal hosts “Erwinna Walls” Benefit

Bucks Local News
Friends of the Delaware Canal to bring ‘Faces and Places’ art celebration to Erwinna

The Friends of the Delaware Canal, a New Hope-based nonprofit, will  host its host its 4th annual Faces & Places benefit dinner August 4th in Erwinna.

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Golden Pheasant Inn: Bucks County Taste

Bucks County Taste
A Nice Way to Spend a Summer Evening

Article by: Lynn Goldman

Golden Pheasant Inn is highlighted in the “Faces and Places”: Erwinna Walls event treating guests with previews from the new menu as part of the walking tour. Other events featured include a wine garden, dinner, jazz and an auction.

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Blake Faure and Jon Ramsay: WFMZ-TV 69 News

69 News
Sunrise chefs: Blake Faure and Jon Ramsay

Chefs Blake Faure and Jon Ramsay of the Golden Pheasant Inn joined 69 News at Sunrise to show us
some of their specialties including:

Chilled cucumber yogurt soup – Serves 2-4

1 English cucumber
2 Cups of plain yogurt
2 tsp. white wine vinegar
1 tsp. olive oil
1 tsp salt
2 tsp finely fresh cut mint
1 tsp finely fresh cut dill
1 garlic clove crushed

Peel cucumbers and grate coarsely (About 1 cup)
In a deep bowl, stir the yogurt with cucumber, vinegar, olive oil, mint, dill, garlic and salt.
Chill in refrigerator for at least one hour before serving.
Garnish with additional fresh mint sprig.

Great South Bay Hand Harvested Mini “Clam Bake”
Grilled albacore tuna, steamed clams, grilled Penn Vermont Fruit Farm sweet corn, Swallow Hill Farm
fingerling potatoes and fennel fronds and house made Purely Farm pork sausage
Serves one entrée portion or two appetizer portions

6 oz. Albacore tuna
1 oz. spicy chorizo
6 clams scrubbed and cleaned
1 large ear of corn cooked and sliced off
1 oz roasted fingerling potatoes
3 oz. white wine
1 oz. each shallots and garlic
1 oz. fennel fronds
1 tsp gremolata (equal parts chopped parsley, garlic and lemon zest)
Extra virgin olive oil

Heat a sautee pan.
Add a little evo and chorizo
Add shallots and garlic
Sautee until chorizo is slightly browned
Deglaze by adding white wine
Add fresh clams, corn and pre blanched potatoes and cover
Heat grill on high and brush with oil
Season tuna with salt and pepper and grill to rare
Once clams have opened mount sauce with butter.
Place clams, chorizo, corn and potatoes in bowl with sauce
Place sliced tuna in center and top with gremolata and fennel fronds

Heirloom tomato salad with watermelon, jicama, mint, hand torn croutons and balsamic reduction
– Serves 6

2 ½ pounds heirloom tomatoes
12 oz. diced watermelon (seeds removed)
12 oz. Jicama (julienne)
12 tsp. mint (chiffonnade)
12 tsp. basil (chiffonnade)
12 oz. celery (mecedoine)
Celery leaves as needed
6 oz. balsamic vinegar
Sea salt/ pepper as needed
Extra virgin olive oil

Slice heirloom tomatoes and arrange on plate in shingle pattern
Sprinkle the tomatoes with salt and pepper
Add 2 oz. of jicama and watermelon, basil and mint, 2 oz. of celery and celery leaves into mixing bowl
and toss with olive oil.
Place mixture in the middle of the tomatoes.
Add the croutons and drizzle balsamic vinegar around.

Recipes courtesy of Golden Pheasant Inn
763 River Road
Erwinna PA 18920
Co- executive chef’s Blake Faure and Jon Ramsay

Golden Pheasant featured in SheKnows: Keep Your Cool

Tips for Keeping Cool at Outdoor Parties

article by: Karolina Weglarz

Briar, Brittany, and Blake of the Golden Pheasant Inn explained to SheKnows the do’s and dont’s of keep their guests cool during summer outdoor parties at the Inn.  Adding refreshing zest to the ice served, offering chilly frozen fruit and most importantly making sure their guests travel home safely are some of the ways the Inn entertains the summer.

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The Daily Meal Shares Blake Faure’s Eggs Florentine Recipe

The Daily Meal
Eggs Florentine with Hollondaise Sauce

Golden Pheasant’s own Blake Faure is featured in The Daily Meal, sharing the ins and outs of her famous Eggs Florentine recipe. Describing the ingredients, preparation and even suggested accompaniments, Blake details the perfect brunch for eight.

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GPH featured in Daily local sourcing

Morris County Sunday Supper boasts seven
course, locally sourced menu

Golden Pheasant Inn’s Blake Faure is highlighted in Daily Record’s article on local sourcing.  Blake explains how buying local not only serves role in sustainability and wellness but also is a social endeavor as fast friends are made over food.

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Blake Faure on buying local: Daily Record

Daily Record
Back to the root of food: Chefs highlight local farms on menus

Blake Faure explains to the Daily Record that buying local and running a farm-to-table restaurant is not just a hip new concept, its how she was raised.  Blake explains growing up with her father, a classically trained French chef and the long-lasting relationships maintained with the local purveyors he sourced from.  Blake explains that these are the traditions she brings to the restaurant at Golden Pheasant Inn.

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Valentine’s Along the Deleware Canal:

Golden Pheasant Inn,
Valentine’s Treats on Guided Walk Along Deleware Canal

The Friends of the Deleware Canal will offer a free, guided “We Love the Canal” walk along the towpath from Tinicum Park to the Golden Pheasant Inn in Erwinna on Feb. 12.
See full article and details here.

Golden Pheasant Restoration News

We are so excited – we have started our restoration work! This picture shows the windows being removed from the front porch which we plan to make an open porch again (like it was in 1857 – see second photo).

Restoration Progress, Present Day

We will update the website with photos of construction as it progresses.

Original Porch in 1857


This is the current state of the fireplace in the main dining room. We are
restoring it to the original much larger size.

Fireplace in Main Dining Room

It will look fantastic once it is fully restored by a mason.
Can’t wait to get a roaring wood fire going!

Zagat: 10 Best Waterside Restaurants

10 Best Waterside Restaurants in the Philadelphia Area

Zagat followed alongside the Deleware River to what it claims as “one of the most beautiful stretches” which marks Golden Pheasant Inn.  The article describes this waterside restaurant experience in its “quaint” and “historic” setting; a remarkable destination with the menu to match.

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Zagat, courtesy of Yardley Inn